"Neciens mater", deur Jean Mouton, gesing deur die Monteverdi Choir.

Noorweegse kerslied.

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker - English translation My heart will always wander To where our Lord was born, My thoughts will always go there And take on their true form. My longing does belong there, With the treasure of my faith; I never shall forget you, O blessed Christmas night! I'll willingly spread branches Of palms around your bed. For you and you alone I will gladly live and die. Come, let my soul find joy In this moment of delight: To see you born right here, Deep inside my loving heart.

Kersliedere uit Denemarke.

Die eerste, bekende, lied, kom blykbaar oorspronklik uit Skandinawië.

Uit 'n ysige Rusland.

Pragtige stemme uit Swede.

Pragtige Franse kersliedjie.